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Stefanos’s work is on a computer and several times a week at night.

“At work my eyes get tired very quickly” he told us and he added, “especially after a night shift driving on the way home with the rising light of dawn is very annoying”.

He informed us that he has had keratoconus surgery on one eye with very good visual acuity results and at the same time that he likes the easy to use and practical things in his life and ideally he would like “a pair of glasses that can do everything”.

With these requirements in mind the choice was obvious: ESSILOR TRANSITIONS XTRACTIVE GREY STYLE MIRRORS BLUE with CRIZAL SUN UV.
Of course we measured him and in combination with his age (25 years old) and the use of glasses we came up to the most comfortable and relaxing RX for his new pair of glasses.

The existing frame he had was quite old and he wanted an aesthetic upgrade!


The frame which was choosen is Guess applied very nicely to Stefanos’s face.

Translucent pastel with dark purple arms matched very nicely with the (in the sunlight) blue mirrors of Royal Blue StyleMirrors XTRActive.

XTRActive are ynamic photochromic lenses that adjust color by themselves, for relaxed vision in any lighting condition.

They offer clear vision due to the increase in contrast they provide.

In their most discolored state they retain 3% of their color, hich provides a minimal shading and reduction of brightness which is very beneficial for the eyes, especially during long hours of computer use.

Due to their chromocrystals, they offer 100% protection from UV radiation αbut also from the harmful spectrum of blue light, especially combined with blue mirrors.

They have an impressive double appearance: indoors and at night they are almost completely transparent and with blue anti-reflective coatings and as soon as we are outdoors and inside the car during the day they become dark with a blue mirror.

Just after the first day of their use, to be precise the first night since he had a night shift, Stefanos said excitedly:
“ΣI finished work and my eyes were relaxed as if I had not sat in front of the screen for 8 hours!”
And two or three days later he told us:
“I enter the office and after a while I see my colleagues looking at me curiously and asking me:”
“Are you nuts, you get the same design twice, one for the sunlight and one for RX? There were any other frames?”
and i answer them back:
“It’s the same, I only got one and it just changes color ….!, and they were looking and me speachless!”

Enjoy them Stefanos and thank you for your trust and preference in our store and the beautiful and fun photos you sent us!

*time needed to become dark from trandsparent is about 30sec / time need for full discoloration from dark is about 7min
Music: Music: White Mamba – “FREE INSTRUMENTAL TRAP #11”
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