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LAST UPDATE: 30/10/2021

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The website with the domain name is the online store selling the products through the Internet of the company with the name “M. & amp; P. MANGEL OE » (hereinafter, for the sake of brevity, “OPTICS MANGEL”), located at 31 PENTELIS Ave. –

CHALANDRI -weight: 400; “> The concern of the company is the listing of the terms that govern the rights and obligations of” OPTIKA MANGEL “as the owner of the online store located at” “to all of you who will visit its website for your best service in the search and acquisition of the products you wish to buy from its online store.

All transactions made through “www. ”are governed by International and European law that regulates issues related to e-commerce, as well as by the Law on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994, as amended in force) which regulates issues related to distance selling .

Beb Please agree that you agree to the following terms and conditions, as your use and browsing of the website “” implies your explicit and unconditional consent and consent with them.

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  1. TERMS

“OPTIKA MANGEL” undertakes the obligation to inform the users for any modifications as well as for any change through the website of its online store. “OPTIKA MANGEL” reserves the right to renew or unilaterally modify these terms and conditions of transactions made through its online store, according to its needs and trading habits.

The change of terms does not take into account orders that are already in progress.

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Any user can browse the online store “” without provide any personal information. The cases where we will need some of your personal data (name, email address, shipping address, telephone, etc.) are usually to process your order and fulfill our contractual and legal obligations.

The personal data you declare in the online store “” is kept exclusively for reasons related to transactions with you, communication, improvement of services provided and is not allowed to be used by third parties or to be granted by “OPTIKA MANGEL” to third parties (with the exception where provided by law to the competent authorities only). The online store “” operates in accordance with applicable Greek and European Union legislation and safely keeps your personal data for as long as you are registered in a service of “”, which are deleted after the termination of the transaction in any way.

You can also at any time, if there is a reason, change the personal information that you have informed us or limit or cancel the use of any of these items by completing the relevant online form. In any case, we inform you about the existence of the access and opposition rights that you have according to articles 12 and 13 of Law 2472/1997.

To «www. »may from time to time use your e-mail address to inform you about the availability of similar products and services from its pages. However, in case you do not wish to receive such messages, you can send your request to the address “[email protected]”.

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The online store “” has the main priority of protecting your personal of your data as well as your electronic transactions and takes all the necessary measures, with the most modern and advanced methods, in order to ensure the maximum possible security. All information related to your personal information and your transactions is secure and confidential. The security of the online store “” is achieved by the following methods:

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The online store “” uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology . This particular protocol (SSL) (Secure Sockets Layer) is currently the global standard on the Internet for the certification of websites (web sites). With this technology, every item entered on our website is encrypted / encrypted before it goes online, thus protecting personal information when transferred.

All payments made are processed through the Eurobank electronic payment platform using TLS 1.2 encryption with 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption protocol, while the information sent with SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically verifies whether the data has

Encryption is essentially a way of encrypting information until it reaches its recipient, who can decode it using the appropriate key.

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Additional personal security is the username and personal password security (password) that you give when you become a member of “”. This way, every time you use them, they give you complete security access to your personal information

. (user name) and with the personal security code (password) in the online store “”, the communication between your computer and our systems is encrypted using a 128bits key. That is, every time you send information to the system, your browser first encrypts it using a 128bits key and then sends it to the system.

As you watch your transactions with your credit cards and your PIN is not mentioned to anyone, so even with the specific codes you should keep them carefully and never give them to third parties, in order to avoid the risk of these data passing to third parties, foreigners to you.

Tip: When creating your personal password, create a security code using symbols in conjunction with alphanumeric characters. For security reasons you should change your password at regular intervals and avoid the use of easily traceable codes (eg phone number, date of birth, consecutive numbers, etc.).

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“OPTIKA MANGEL” is committed to the completeness and validity of the information concerning available products for sale. Details for each product can be obtained by following the search instructions listed on our product pages and clicking on the corresponding product, subject to any typographical errors that have escaped our attention or have occurred inadvertently or due to interruptions in its operation. website for technical or other reasons.

For all the products contained in “” there are indications for their availability. In any case, it must be made clear that the delivery times of your order depend on the availability of the products in our warehouses and the conditions of the orders. In case the product is not available you will be informed in time about its unavailability.

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The online store “” and all the content of its websites (photos, texts, graphics, services, products, names, images, trademarks, logos and insignia and in general distinctive features representing “OPTICAL MANGEL” and its online store), are the intellectual property of “OPTICAL MANGEL” and are protected in accordance with the relevant provisions of Greek law. Therefore, any use of the above is prohibited, except in cases where there is the relevant prior written permission of “OPTICAL MANGEL”.

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In the pages of “” you will find information about process and steps until the completion of your order. You will receive useful tips for detecting and correcting possible errors when registering your order (eg regarding the type, quantity, payment method, etc.).

Upon completion of your order we will send you an e-mail (e-mail letter) confirming receipt of your order, while the next e-mail will follow, informing you of the shipment of your order.

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For all cases where you wish to return or replace the product you purchased you must inform us within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt at the email address (e-mail) “[email protected]”, notifying us of the reason for return or replacement and filling in the contact phone. Then a partner from the transport company will contact you to receive the return parcel. The first return of the parcel is completely Free within Greece. This procedure only concerns changes / returns in Greece.

Conditions of return:

  1. the product has not been used
  2. return to be made within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt of the product,
  3. the product must be accompanied by the original purchase receipt (Retail Receipt, invoice, Delivery Note-Invoice, etc.)
  4. be in the condition received by the customer, complete and without damage, and its packaging is the one that normally accompanies the product with all the accompanying accessories (cases , cloths etc).

In order for the products to reach good condition please pack them properly -in a larger box- so so that they are protected during shipment.

No refunds are made to multifocal, astigmatic and all custom-made contact lenses, as well as to any contact lens mounted on a frame of your choice.

You have the right to return the products you purchased and request a replacement for the following reasons:

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In those cases where, through proven fault of “OPTICAL MANGEL”, products were delivered to you in a design or size different from that of the order, you can return the products.

The return of the product is free from all over Greece.

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In those cases where there is a real defect in the product, you have the right to return the product you bought and request its replacement with another product or products up to the amount of the price you have paid or with an additional price if you wish, within 14 calendar days from the receipt of the product.

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In case you want to change the product you bought, you must fill in the product contact code or codes and size in the e-mail and our partner will contact you.

In case the product is defective, you can return it within 14 days (once per order, at no charge to you), always by appointment with the customer service department 2106850130 and only through the courier company with which we will suggest you.

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You have the right to return the product you purchased, exercising the right of withdrawal and – only if the product has not been used – to request its return within 14 days from the date stated on the purchase receipt.

The return of the products should be done exclusively by courier indicated by the “OPTICS MANGEL”. Refunds are made for the purchase of the product made in cash (cash on delivery), credit card, deposit in a bank account or via Paypal. Your refund process will be completed no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the products and if they are in excellent condition.

In case of exercise of the right of withdrawal and return of the product by the Buyer, if he is outside the country of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA), the Seller will deduct from the amount to be returned to the Buyer any amount which was obliged to pay (the Seller) for customs duties and related costs, which are borne by the Buyer.

The products, which have been purchased from the online store « »can be changed in the physical store of the company, always after consultation with the customer service department at 2106850130.

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For any cancellation of order before sending and delivery to courier you should contact by phone at 2106850130 stating your Order Number.

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Accepted Cards: All Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Maestro, Masterpass).

The use of your credit card for your purchases in the online store “” is completely safe, as long as you follow the relevant instructions. Once you have completed all the information required to register the order, you will be automatically transferred to the secure site of the partner bank (“EUROBANK”) where you will be able to fill in your credit card details directly.

To pay by credit card, you must fill in the relevant form with the exact name of the holder, the number and expiration date of your credit card, as well as the three-digit security code number (CVV) located on the back of the card.

Check and pay immediately, once you have connected with the partner bank (EUROBANK).

In any case of purchase, the buyer must also be the holder of the card, which is used for the respective transaction.

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9.2. COD COD

The customer pays by delivering the order at his place, the employee of the courier company, who acts on the orders of “OPTICAL MANGEL”. In this case the customer will be charged a cash on delivery fee of 2 euros (including the respective VAT). COD is valid only for deliveries within Greece. Please note that for orders over € 500, for which cash on delivery will be selected as the method of payment, the price will be paid to the employee of the courier company exclusively by credit / debit card.

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Once you have completed all the other information required to place your order you will be automatically redirected to the secure Paypal site, where you can either fill in your credit card details directly or sign up and log in (via login) to your existing Paypal account and use your saved details.

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You can pay for your order by bank transfer, transfer or deposit, by entering the order code and the name in the reason for the deposit. To expedite the process and complete the order, you can send us a copy of the receipt by email to [email protected]. Once your deposit appears in our account (within 1-3 days), your order will be shipped.

If you have not deposited the money within 3 working days from the place of the order, the order is automatically canceled. For payments by bank transfer or account transfer from another bank, the order will only be shipped if the transfer is made at the expense of the sender (“OUR”, not “SHA”). This option is available for transactions through Greek banks.

The transaction price does not include any charges imposed by the country in which the Buyer is located to whom the shipment is sent. product (eg customs duties, import duties, excise duties, etc.). Any charges that may arise are always borne exclusively by the buyer.

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Our goal is to deliver the order to you as soon as possible, simplifying the shipping process.

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For orders in Greece the shipment will be Free, if the order exceeds the amount of 50 Euros. For orders under 50 Euros there will be a shipping charge of 4 Euros. In case of return of the product for a refund or replacement (due to size or color, etc.) the first return is completely free with the partner courier company that will come to pick you up from your place.

The products you ordered are sent to the address you have given us, through the courier company” ELTA Courier “for shipments within the Prefecture of Attica. “OPTIKA MANGEL” reserves the right to use another courier company or under special circumstances another means of delivery (eg professional driver).

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Delivery is completed within 4 to 8 working days for Mainland Greece, Crete and islands ( remote areas are excluded), provided the products you have ordered are available. The above deadlines do not apply during periods of bad weather, strikes, pandemics, lockdowns and in any case of force majeure that may affect delivery times. Due to the large volume of orders that courier companies have to manage and due to the large load of their computer systems, there are significant delays in deliveries and order management, a fact that the Company is constantly trying to improve.

In case a product is not immediately available, you will be informed in due time by the ordering department about the estimated delivery time.

For any other information about the shipments please contact us at email: [email protected].

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“OPTIKA MANGEL” and the online store “www. “provides its users with the opportunity to choose their periodic or, as the case may be, information about the new products available on the market and for any other offers, payment arrangements, etc., by sending advertising – informational messages to their e-mail address. < / span>

“” will not abuse the above service. In case you wish to no longer receive informative newsletters or you wish to unsubscribe altogether from the news delivery system of “OPTIKA MANGEL”, you can inform us using the contact form of the online store.

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For any dispute that may arise between “OPTICAL MANGEL” and users from its use online store “” an effort will be made for an amicable settlement after a relevant document request of the user.

If the dispute can not be resolved out of court, the dispute will be resolved through recourse to the local civil courts.

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The IP address through which the visitor / user’s PC has access to Internet and then at “” is kept for technical reasons and is used exclusively for the collection of statistics.

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“OPTIKA MANGEL” is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the user / visitor on the occasion of the use of the internet site “”. “OPTIKA MANGEL” does not guarantee the uninterrupted or error-free or virus-free provision of services of its website or other links and is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of the website.

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The terms of use are governed by the provisions of Greek Law, European Law and the relevant International Treaties are interpreted in accordance with the rules of good faith and business ethics. The Courts of Athens are responsible for any dispute that may arise due to the terms, their validity, the interpretation and the operation of the website “”. If any term of use is deemed invalid or void, it automatically ceases to be valid, without prejudice to the validity of the other terms.

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