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With the Oakley Essilor Varilux Transitions XTRActive Polarized last Sunday in Penteli for the mountain running race of the sports club Telmisos Marathonos.

We tried Varilux XTRActive Polarized in these conditions and they did fantastic!

Clearly it’s the most complete I’ve worn. “It works everywhere”.

The multifocal design gives clear vision at all distances and in various head positions. It’s easy to focus where you want to, whether it’s long distances (road and trail), intermediate distances (where you put your foot), or close distances, e.g. the clock/timer display while running.

The variable darkness and polarization rest and protect the eyes continuously. They adapt quickly to different lighting conditions while the variable polarization does not interfere with the use of electronic devices (mobile phone, car gps, etc.). Outdoors they cut out the reflective glare of the atmosphere and various surfaces, increasing the depth of field and making the image sharper and colors brighter. You literally see more detail.

“Cherry at the top of the cake” the Crizal Sapphire coatings that (especially after the running workouts) cleaned extremely easily and quickly.

Oakley’s Latch Alpha proved to be comfortable and stable on the face even while running, and it has the convenient inside armrest to hang securely around the neck of your shirt. Now the aluminum Latch Alpha version is hard to find but the identical #latchbeta in Oakley o-matter material is also available in 5 different colors.

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υ.γ. The details about the multifocal design and coatings of Varilux XTRActive Polarized are missing from the description of the video until their official presentation in the Greek market. Until then, “contact us for more information” 😉

Music: Pavel Yudin – At Full Speed
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