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This year again at the start of the classic route and always with our favourite Arnette Cornerman Transitions Drivewear and Oakley Ev Zero Path Prizm Road respectively!

The Oakley Ev Zero Path is the lightest sports sunglasses available with a weight of only 22gr. In the version with Prizm Road lenses it is ideal for use on asphalt roads as the specialised colour of the lenses both rests the eyes and gives confidence as it highlights all the details and irregularities of the grey asphalt road surface.

On the other hand, I have only the best things to say about Drivewear. I have been using them for 7 years now in most of my sports activities. They provide maximum protection from the #UV and blue radiation with an E-SPF of 50+. They have ideal colour adaptability to changing lighting conditions (especially during driving):
Yellow-green in cloudy weather, but also very early in the morning or at dusk – so no need to take off your glasses as soon as the sun goes down).
Orange-bronze in sunshine and in driving conditions for maximum rendering of the colours that interest us in driving (green-red as well as the grey and brown shades of the road surface. Reddish brown in outdoor conditions of intense sunshine for maximum rest of the eyes from bright light and for ideal contrast. They are polarized and cut off the glare of the sunlight reflected on the road surface, on the dashboard of the car, on the inner surface of the windscreen and on the surface of the sea, making the image more embossed and more detailed and more relaxing. They have internal Crizal Sun UV anti-reflective coatings so that even when the sun is behind/beside us its light is not annoyingly reflected on the back of the lenses. They are made of unbreakable Trivex material to protect the eyes but also to reduce weight.

See you next year at the starting line!

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