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The charm of exaggeration or perhaps the perfectly reasonable choice? And dynamic photochromic lenses and clip-ons? Of course! Find out why..

The clip-on has a solid color polarized lenses.

It is ideal for places with many annoying reflections which it cuts off such as e.g. by the sea but also while driving where the road shines and the dashboard reflction at the windshield.

But our daily life is not “on/off” and has constantly changing lighting conditions.

We go indoors and go out in the open several times during the day and put it on the magnetic clip-on, although it is not always convenient.

Τhe Transitions GEN8 lenses darken in just 30 seconds when exposed to UV radiation, while αthey completely discolor in just 3 minutes when we enter indoors and even adjust at such a rate that our eyes do not get tired of sudden changes in lighting.

There are also intermediate lighting conditions such as cloudy days, dawn, dusk etc.

Transitions Gen8 lenses then have intermediate darkness permanently changing and “self-adjusting”

Thus they provide the ideal shading by continuously adjusting the darkness of the lens to the respective lighting conditions.

Transitions Gen8 in Solano!

Modern optical technology for those who want comfortable, relaced vision and maximum protection!

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