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Towards the end of September I received my Essilor Varilux Transitions XTRActive Polarized Crizal Sapphire and fitted them to the aluminum Oakley Latch Alpha Marc Marquez 43 Edition.

For a month now I have worn them everyday, day and night in the store, driving, outdoors, and I’ve also “ran” with them in training and the Race For The Cure 2022 morning race.

Clearly the most complete eyewear I have worn. It just “works” everywhere.

The multifocal design gives clear vision at all distances and in various head positions. You can easily focus where you want, whether it’s intermediate distances such as the computer screen or near ones such as the clock/stopwatch screen when running.

The variable darkness and polarization constantly rest and protect the eyes. They quickly adapt to the various lighting conditions, while the variable polarization did not disturb the use of electronic devices (cell phone, car GPS, etc.). Outdoors, they cut off the reflective glare of the atmosphere and various surfaces, increasing the depth of field and making the image sharper and the colors brighter.

You literally see more details.

The “cherry ontop” was the Crizal Sapphire coatings which, whenever needed (especially after running training), were extremely easy and quick to clean.

All in all they are remarkably restful and pleasant.

About Oakley’s Latch Alpha I have to say that it proved to be comfortable and stable on the face even while running, and it also has the convenient support (like all Oakley’s Latch series) on the inside of the arms so that you can “hang” it securely around the neck of your shirt if and when you want to not wear it. From Oakley, it is sold as a pair of sunglasses with Prizm lenses, but with the XTRactive Polarized, it acquired dual use both as a pair of sunglasses and as eyewear. Now the aluminum Latch Alpha version is hard to find, but the indentical Latch Beta made of Oakley o-matter material is available regularly and in 5 different colors.

Of course, Oakley has a bunch of clearly more sporty glasses, however I wanted a all-round pair… let alone one, not so discreet… Oakley Plasma matte retina glow to make exclusively for sports… but that in the next “episode”!

And a few technical info about the Transitions XTRactive Polarized lenses:

-> Almost completely transparent indoors as well as at night.
-> Variable dimming (class 3, up to 85%) and outdoor polarization (up to 90%)
-> Variable darkness up to 50% and variable polarization up to 20% in car.
-> Available in monofocals, Eyezen and Varilux.

* Due to RX of hypermetropia and “at the beginning” presbyopia, but also in order to test new designs, I have been wearing multifocal lenses for years (either classic multifocal or “rest” lenses like Eyezen).
p.s. Some of the complete details (regarding the multifocal design and coatings) of the Varilux XTRActive Polarized lenses are absent from the video description until the official presentation of these individual elements in the Greek market. Until then “contact us for more info”.

Music: Pavel Yudin – Race For Survival
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