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Working in a gynecological clinic at a post office support position requires long hours of computer use and at the same time very careful appearance.

This is what Helen asked us to cover in her new pair of glasses…

We chose for her Essilor ™ Eyezen relaxing lenses with Crizal ™ Sapphire coatings and the impressive transparent Michael Kors frame.

The transparent frames are very fashionable, and the specific Michael Kors with the metallic pink-gold temples and the gap in the outer corner of the lenses is a very interesting and aesthetically special choice.

Eyezen are lenses designed for the modern “internet connected” life that relax and protect the eyes from the screens.

They allow everyone, whether they have RX prescription or not, to enjoy the daily “internet-connected” life, offering relief and comfort.

They incorporate two state-of-the-art technologies:

  • The Eyezen™ Focus™, which helps to adjust the corrective power of the lenses to the viewing distances of the screens, even those that are very close to us such as mobile phones, and
  • Eyeprotect™, which through a special composition of their raw material, protects from the harmful blue-purple light of the computer screens.

The Eyezen™ lenses reduce visual fatigue, improve small font readability and text contrast, and protect against premature eye aging.

Now, Eyezen™ Lenses come with the latest generation Crizal ™ Sapphire ™ 360 UV multiple coatings.

With Multi-Angular ™ technology, Crizal Sapphire coatings absorb the reflections and offer unparalleled clarity of vision and wonderful aesthetics.

At the same time, they provide top UV protection with E-SPF 10+ index at R.I. 1.50 and E-SPF 35 from R.I. 1.60 and above.

Finally, they have great resistance to scratches, and excellent lipophobic and hydrophobic properties that exempt the lenses of dirt and dust.

Enjoy them Helen!

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