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Much more than just a pair of sunglasses!

The ultimate light regulator for our eyes!

Giannis works in an exhaust workshop where he bothers his eyes a lot with pipes argon welding, despite the use of a special protective mask.

After work, he wanted a pair of glasses that will relax his eyes, either day or night.

Especially at night, streetlights and the vehicles lights coming from the opposite direction were very tiring.

The timeless Ray-Ban Aviator in size 62 was chosen, which fitted ideally at Gianni’s face.

Metallic with glossy gunmetal color matched nicely with the blue mirrors.

The pair of lenses which were chosen are ESSILOR TRANSITIONS XTRACTIVE GREY STYLE MIRRORS BLUE with CRIZAL SUN UV with the RX of the prescription.

They are dynamic photochromic lenses that adjust color by themselves, for relaxed vision in any lighting condition.

Especially for night driving, are the ideal lenses.

They offer clear vision due to the increase in contrast they provide.

They provide complete protection for the eyes, due to their chromocrystals, which without altering the colors (not even white), protect 100% from UV radiation but also from the harmful spectrum of blue light.

Furthermore, they have an impressive double appearance:

indoors and at night they are almost completely transparent and like with slightly blue anti-reflective coating, and as soon as we are
outdoors or even inside the car during the day, they become dark with a blue mirror.

We want to thank Giannis Ts. for his trust and preference in our store, and also for the beautiful and funny photos he sent us!

Enjoy them Mr. Giannis!


*time needed to become dark from transparent is about 30sec / time need for full discoloration from dark is about 7min
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