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The 1st pair of variable polarization photochromic multifocals is a fact!

After a long wait due to the pandemic and the disruption caused to global trade, the new Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses are also available in the Greek market, and we had the pleasure of ordering the 1st such pair of lenses in Greece for our customer.

Let’s start things from the beginning:

Mr. Vaggelis came to us for his 1st pair of multifocal glasses, and he was clear:

“I want the best for my eyes. I drive long hours, and now I feel my eyes getting tired, whereas before I didn’t have a problem. Also, I’ve been using a presbyopic pair of glasses for a while now for anything near like reading, phone, gps, laptop, sometimes even to see my watch, and this on and off has worn me out!”

With a “mini” seminar on “optical technology” we explained to him the latest developments and proposals of the leading companies in the field and how they can be combined for quality and restful vision.

We showed him the samples of the Transitions lenses we have in our store with the self-adjusting shading technology, and he was excited, especially with the new XTRActive Polarized version, in which as they get darker they gradually become more polarized, cutting more and more the reflections from horizontal surfaces (road, sea, car dashboard, windshield).

He saw and understood immediately that these lenses rest the eyes, and of course he wanted that in his new glasses.

The simultaneous (in a pair) far, intermediate and near vision has, for years, been “solved” with multifocal designs in the lenses, but in the case of Mr. Vaggelis, who on the one hand has “easy” grades and on the other hand a small addition, no “exaggerations” were needed.

This is how we ended up with the new Essilor Varilux Comfort MAX multifocal lenses, which, through a statistical study of vision positions and reading postures and using Flex Optim technology, emphasize medium and near vision without altering distance vision.

In fact, we chose the full custom F360 Precal version and the latest Crizal Sapphire HR anti-scratch reinforced anti-reflective coatings.

Mr. Vaggelis, for the dual use of his glasses as both prescription and sunglasses due to the Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses, chose Ray-Ban’s Octagonal metal frame, which anyway is sold both as prescription and as sunglasses by Ray-Ban itself.

After 20 days of waiting, since they were special order and made in France, we received the lenses, ground them and pozitioned them on the Ray-Ban frame and… ready!

The 1st pair of Essilor Varilux Comfort MAX F360 Crizal Sapphire HR in Greece is a fact!

Enjoy them, Mr. Vaggelis!


Want more information for the above?

Here you go:

Essilor Varilux Comfort MAX

Your posture is always changing—even when your body stays in one spot. That means you’re switching focus from your laptop to your phone to your notepad and back again. These constant changes to your posture can strain your neck and spine. Varilux Comfort Max lenses are designed to maximize your useful vision zone and reduce posture shifts.

Using Flex Optim™ technology, we’re able to calculate your optimal vision profile and create a progressive Varilux Comfort Max lens that gives you the greatest area of vision. A wider range of gaze directions means fewer posture changes to focus on all the things you’re doing. And that means all-day-long vision comfort.

Essilor Transitions XTRActive Polarized

Transitions XTRActive Polarized photochromic and polarized lenses.

Activated by sunlight and UV.

Almost completely transparent indoors as well as at night.

Dark and polarizing outdoors during the day.

The only “clear to polarized” lenses for your pair of glasses.

Available in Greece in customized monofocal and multifocal designs.

Of course, available to order at Maggel Optics.

The video is the official commercial of Transitions/Younger Optics which manufactures Transitions photochromic substances and belongs to the Essilor Group.

Essilor Crizal Sapphire HR

Crizal Sapphire HR is Essilor’s latest generation coating and the best anti-reflective coating overall.

It builds on Crizal’s promise to protect eyes and lenses and aims to answer the concerns of eyeglass wearers while providing exceptional clarity and scratch resistance without compromise thanks to the best Crizal technologies combined in one coating.

Scratch resistance ability:

Both the scratch resistance and thermal resistance of the Crizal Sapphire HR have been improved compared to the previous version thanks to the inclusion of three key elements:

  • Revised thickness ratio between some of the high and low index layers to achieve better abrasion resistance.
  • Optimized process that increases the density of the final layer to ensure stronger resistance.
  • New coating formula featuring our high strength technology, combining specific oxides known for their resistance to dust, scratches and temperature.

Stain repellency

Spots appear on the lenses due to the uneven nanoparticles on the surface of the coatings.

By aligning the fluoride molecules into a consistent pattern, Crizal Sapphire HR offers superior stain repellency.

Water repellency

The tiny voids in the coating are filled with hydrophobic (water-repellent) molecules. We have lens surface smoothing, which allows water droplets to roll off the lens surface without leaving traces.

Dust Repulsion

An antistatic layer prevents positive dust particles from “sitting” on the lens.

Music: Leon – Abstract Geometry
Embembedded videos are the official promotion videos from Essilor and Younger Optics for their products.
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