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Eyezen™ is a new category of lenses, the flagship of Essilor’s cutting-edge innovation, designed for a connected life to relax and help protect eyes from screens.

Eyezen™ is a young and innovative brand helping to provide eye relief and comfort to screen users in their everyday life.

Eyezen™ lenses provide cutting-edge technology so that everyone can enjoy a connected life, whether they need prescription glasses or not.

Eyezen™ lenses incorporate two technologies, Eyezen™ Focus which helps adapt visual correction to the viewing distances of each digital device including very close vision and Light Scan™, a light filtering technology which helps protect the eyes from harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital screens.

Eyezen™ lenses reduce eyestrain, improve the readability of small fonts, diminish glare, improve contrast and help prevent premature aging of wearers’ eyes.

The all-day-lenses designed to relax and help protect your eyes to get the most out of your screen life.

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